Rash on Testicles, Scrotum or Balls Causes and Treatment

A rash on scrotum and groin region in men can cause a lot of discomfort and worry. It can be a red rash on balls or just white spots on your testicles. The causes may include fungal infections, heat rash (in babies), razor bumps etc. Here are the causes, pictures and treatment for scrotum rash.

Causes of rash on scrotum

A rash on testicles or a rash on scrotum skin can be caused by a number of reasons. In most cases, the cause is a fungal infection or heat rash. Heat rash, for example, is a common cause in babies than in adults. Adults who are overweight can suffer from a rash on scrotum and inner thighs.

Rash on testicles or rash on scrotum balls
Bumps and rash on balls from shaving.

1. Jock itch or fungal infection/yeast rash

Jock itch is a very common rash on scrotum. Roughly half of the jock itch is because of the fungus. The others are brought about by the moisture, and also the overgrowth of the bacteria. Symptoms of jock itch are:

  • Pink or red rash found in groin folds,
  • Itching,
  • Pain

Jock itch affects primarily males, although it may also be seen in females. It is also most common in older adults and athletes who are prone to fungal infections. It is normally seen in healthy people as well.

Male fungal infection is easily curable in most of the cases and mostly resolves on its own without any given treatment provided good hygiene is maintained.

Jock itch rash on inner thighs, testicles or crotch
Jock itch rash on inner thighs, testicles or crotch.
  • Jock itch is normally treated using antifungal creams.
  • Resistant jock itch may need antifungal pills so as to clear.
  • Jock itch is usually prevented by good skin hygiene.

2. Sweat and rash on testicles

It’s because of the superficial fungal infection known as the dermatophytes, which is brought about by the Tinea Cruris. It is also called ringworm, which is a misnomer as the causative agent is not a worm, but otherwise a fungus.

It is related to the heavy sweating and also rubbing of the inner thighs with the scrotum that is in the groin body area. That is the reason that is much common during the conditions of excessive heat and also the moisture. This typically leads to the rash on scrotum.

3. Heat rash

Heat rashes, also known as the prickly heat rash, are able to happen in hot and humid conditions. Because the temperature is very much hotter than normal, the skin sweats a lot in an attempt to cool itself off. But, due to the fact that it is very humid then the sweat doesn’t disappear from the skin and the epidermis becomes soaked, and the openings for the sweat glands clogs off.

This leads to a buildup of the sweat below the skin. Most often the heat rashes would appear in the covered areas: under the arms or even between the legs that is behind the scrotum. If a person has been squatting down for a period of time, then he can find it also behind the knees.

Rash on scrotum appears like a reddened part of the skin composed of the minute red dots. The skin area stings or even itches and an individual might see the small pimples or even the blistery bumps, depending on how much of the sweat is under the skin. Smaller children are much more prone to the heat rashes, but it can happen in adults.

The first step that can be done to handle the heat rash is by getting into a cooler, dry environment so as to slow down the sweating as well as give the skin a higher chance to catch up in getting rid of the excess sweat. A cool shower will assist cool the body off. After taking a bath, thoroughly dry off and then let the skin dry itself off before getting dressed once more.

4. Razor bumps after shaving

Small, irritated red bumps that usually pop up because of the trapped bacteria or even the large amount of ingrown hairs. Razor bumps are able to happen and thus lead to rash on scrotum and the surrounding area after shaving.

5. Herpes/HPV/STD

STD rash on scrotum pictures
STD red rash groin and scrotum.

An individual may indicate several symptoms within a few days after contracting the genital herpes, or it might also take weeks, or longer. Some other individuals might experience a very severe outbreak within few days after contracting infection while other people might have a first outbreak that is so mild that they do not even notice it.

Due to these possibilities, it might be very difficult for the people to understand when they might have contracted the virus.

6. Cancer

Testicular cancer happens when the cells are very malignant in either one or even both of the testicles. White males, especially those who comes from Scandinavia are much susceptible to developing of the disease compared to all other men from other parts of the world.

7. Dry skin

The term testicular itch is not correct because the testicles are located inside the scrotal sac and they thus don’t itch. What is usually affected by the itchy rash on scrotum is the skin of the scrotal sac as well as the groin. The pubic area and the tip of the penis are much less commonly affected.

8. Thigh chafing from cycling and running

Chafing, brought about by the sweaty skin that is rubbing against the skin, is a very common problem for both the men as well as the women sportsters. The skin that is found around the groin, underarms, and also the nipples gets friction and is very much prone to irritation.

The talcum powder that you have tried is a method that is used to keep the skin dry for the light physical activity. Cornstarch as well as the potato starch are also options. For the much heavier workouts that does not allow an individual to stay dry, the suggestions below may assist to reduce being rubbed raw:

  • Drink Up. Being hydrated before, during, and after the vigorous workouts will allow the body to sweat more freely making the salts from that comes from perspiration not to evaporate into the crusty crystals that might irritate skin.
  • Lube Up. Dry skin rubbing against itself for longer periods of time might get sore or even hurt whether a person is working out or any other exercise. Lubricants increases the frictionless glide. For instance, most of the runners swear by any petroleum jelly as it cannot sweat off because it is non-water based

9. Chlorine water (after swimming)

Allergic rash on scrotum are able to happen because of swimming pool water. Sometimes the swimming pool water itself can lead to itch even if it has the chlorine element. It might also be an infection that is transmitted through contact.

Meanwhile a person may use a cool soothing lotion such as aloe vera lotion which is found as over the counter.

10. Fordyce spots rash on scrotum not itchy

Fordyce spots on the penis shaft, the foreskin or even the rash on scrotum in some cases might just be the raised bumps that is found on the skin that are not very painful, but they are unsightly is not good.

In most of the cases there are several misconceptions about the fordyce spots with penile papules or even the Sexually transmitted diseases. The symptoms are as below;

  1. Pale and much raised red bumps that might also be yellow or even white.
  2. In some other people, the raised bumps on penis will just have the same color as the skin that is around them.
  3. Raised bumps that is found on the scrotum that are much visible when the scrotum is clean shaved. Do not in any way try to confuse the spots with the bumps that are found on balls after shaving.
  4. Pimple like red inflammations of the spots that might be several and unevenly distributed in several groups
  5. Granules that might be so much clear and sometimes they may be fluid filled

11. Folliculitis

This is an inflammation that normally affects the hair follicles which is mostly indicated as a cosmetic condition.

The condition normally is self-limiting and also resolves within about one week. But if infected, then the condition might spread to the nearby follicles.

 Rash on testicles and shaft in toddlers or baby

A diaper rash is normally a skin problem that might likely develop in the area that is under an infant’s diaper. Diaper rashes are very much common in babies who are aged 1 up 15 months old. They might be noticed when the babies starts to take solid foods.

Diaper rash on scrotum brought about by an infection with a yeast known as the Candida are much common amongst the children. Candida normally grows better in warm, such as under a diaper which is also moist. Candida diaper rash is much likely to happen in babies who:

  • Are not very clean and also not dry
  • whose mothers or themselves taking antibiotics while breastfeeding
  • Have very frequent stools

Other causes of the diaper rash are:

  • Acids that are in the stool
  • Ammonia ( this is a chemical that is normally produced when the bacteria break down the urine)
  • Diapers that are too tight or even rubs the skin
  • Reactions to the soaps and all other products that are used to clean any of the cloth diapers

Related symptoms for scrotum or crotch rash

The following are the different symptoms of ways of describing the rash non balls and inner thighs or groin area in men.


Male genital dysesthesia is a term that is used to describe a sensation of burning, irritation or increased sensitivity to the touch of the penis or scrotum. Some men that have genital dysesthesia also find that wearing of the underpants or even sitting down becomes very much difficult.

Symptoms might be very much stressful and also interrupt the sexual function or even sleep. The affected skin areas might appear much redder than normal.

This condition amongst the male does not result in itch. If itch co-exists with any other genital dysesthesia, it might be explained by the development of an irritant contact dermatitis because of several applications to the affected skin area including soap as well as the creams.

Other names that are given for the male genital dysesthesia are:

  • The burning scrotum syndrome
  • Peno-scroto-dynia or scrotodynia, in which there is no indicated redness.
  • The red scrotum syndrome, in this case the genital dysesthesia is normally followed by the redness.

Both the men as well as the women who have genital dysesthesia might have similar symptoms of burning or discomfort of the genital region. In women the symptoms are normally known as the vulvodynia, which describes the vulval pain that is experienced in absence of a primary rash

Itchy rash on scrotum or testicle sack

Fungal groin infection is a fungal skin infection that affects the groin. Some types of fungal germs are normally found on the human skin. They normally do no harm. But, if conditions are very much favorable then they can also affect the skin, multiply and then lead to infection. The conditions that the fungi like are warm and airless areas of skin that is also moist like the groin.

Usually, the groin is much itchy and also irritable, mainly in the crease that is between the top of the leg as well as the genitals. It is very common in men and the scrotum might also get very much itchy. A red rash might then develop in the groin area, normally with a definite edge. Both the groins are usually affected. The rash on scrotum then spreads a short way downwards of the inside part of both thighs.

Sometimes the infection may spread quickly to the skin on the other parts of the body (or might have first begun in another area, like athlete’s foot). Fungal infections do not normally go deeper in the skin than the skin into the body and are not much serious.

Rash under balls

Male genital problems as well as the injuries can happen fairly easily due to the fact that the scrotum and penis are not protected by the bones. Genital problems as well as the injuries most commonly happen during:

  • Sports or recreational activities, like the mountain biking, or baseball.
  • Work-related tasks, like exposure to chemicals that are irritating.
  • Sexual activity.

A genital injury normally leads to very severe pain that usually disappear quickly without leading to very permanent damage. Home treatment is normally what is required for the minor problems or even most of the injuries. Pain, bruising, or even the rashes that are found together with other symptoms might be a reason for concern.

Rash between legs and balls

Tinea cruris is very much similar to, but very much different from the Candida intertrigo, which is usually an infection of the skin areas by the Candida albicans.

These latter is very much specifically located in between intertriginous folds of the adjacent areas, which might be also found in the groin or even the scrotum, and might thus be indistinguishable from the fungal infections that are brought about by tinea.

But, candidal infections mostly tend to appear and by use of the treatment that are available they thus disappear very quickly. It might also affect the parts of the scrotum.

Testicle rash won’t go away

Several factors might influence where and how to get a rash on scrotum. The age of an individual can be a determining factor, as aging skin is much prone to some skin rashes, like the shingles, while the smaller children are much prone to rashes from roseola

Red rash (inflammation)

Scrotal dermatitis is a very much common skin condition that is overlooked by most of the dermatologists as well as the treating physicians. The condition is mistaken for the skin disorders that are affecting the skin area, such as the fungal infections.

Scrotal dermatitis is not always very much considered a separate disease and is normally taken as a condition that is similar to the contact dermatitis happening elsewhere on the skin.

Rash on balls treatment
Most of the men can be able to develop an itching in such regions as the groin, and before it is understood, the men will be trying to found out the best way to treat the scrotal rash. The methods that are applied to treat scrotal rash vary, but the main cause is usually a fungus, and most of the cases may be healed in a similar fashion.

There are a few other cases where any trial to treat rash on scrotum can be a little bit be much complex if the cause is something that is more unusual.

  1. The initial approach that is applied to in treating of the rash on scrotum is through use of an anti-fungal cream. There are several of such that can be found over the counter, and they can as well clear up the typical case of rash with much simplicity.
  2. Sometimes an anti-fungal cream might fail, and thus an individual may be required to visit a doctor and obtain an oral treatment for the fungal infections. These can handle a lot of the more serious cases of rash on scrotum.
  3. To avoid any future rash on scrotum infections, it may be very vital to watch out for hygiene. Most of the men who develop rash on scrotum have lifestyles that leads to them to produce a large amount of sweat than normal, and thus they generally don’t wash as much as they probably are required.

This combination then will allow for the fungi to largely thrive on their skin down around their areas of groin. Changing the given conditions may be one of the most crucial aspects to try to treat rash on scrotum.

Sometimes a rash on scrotum may be something that is slightly very serious, like the herpes. It may be very hard to differentiate between one kind of rash on scrotum and another, so if the treatment options that are available as outlined above don’t work as needed, you should then explore other available possibilities with the doctor.

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